Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chronicles of the fallen...

This is a Recap of the Events around the Mysterious Death of Mister Boddy
By RKS, Online News Contributor
It was during a birthday celebration in early June that Mister Reginald Horatio Boddy was killed... Poisoned... Since the summer began, his death loomed all across those that knew him. Some would say that he was arrogant, some would say that he was very manipulative, and fewer still knew him to be a friend. So he died, alone... He left behind a legacy of blackmail, pain, suffering, and those very few friends that seemed to think that he was more or less a loudmouth--and a man who ate too much of the wrong things.

There were people who were indeed close to Mister Boddy right before his death. This reporter doesn't know if close would be the proper word for it... More like, uncomfortably close to him... He frightened poor Professor Plum into making a funeral dirge; Yvette simply took what he said to her with a grain of salt and supposedly reported her findings to a mysterious accomplice...

And finally, with the appearances of Mister Green, Colonel Mustard, Butler Bierman and Mrs. White, these people all added something to his existence.
Some of them however, added very little. Some added a lot... In all of that and maybe more, it all led up to the Dessert Potluck on June 4, 2009. Where surrounded by his friends--particularly Ms. Shelby, Ms. T and Mrs. White, he partook in some Death by Chocolate Ice Cream and Cake provided to him by Yvette as she was in charge of the catering at this gathering, not knowing that this would be his last meal.

Moments after Boddy started eating, he started to lose consciousness and pass out. His friends tried to rouse him... But to no avail. An ambulance was dispatched as he was pronounced dead at the scene, later. He came to--once and then was declared dead that very day.
As time wore on, Lieutenant Vonzell Grey began a deep investigation of his death. After intensive interviews with a number of witnesses, there wasn't much to go on until evidence began to surface. For more information on this, visit:

A name that keeps coming up in all of this is... Scarlet... Who is this? A black widow that just wants to eliminate all of her foes? Is she up to something more devious?

"What is she up to? What are her motives?" Lieutenant Vonzell Grey asked his team of eight officers.

One stood up in the room and asked him, "There is only one way to find out--we'll have to go undercover and smoke out who did this to him." The younger woman said finally. Her name was Elizabeth Peacock--a lieutenant on the same force that Grey served. They went about the task of finding and collecting the evidence. Peacock was also a children's librarian and author of a number of children's books.

Weeks passed since Grey and Peacock began, and although it was slow going at first, evidence continued to roll in. Starting with the text messages and the plane tickets. Not long after that, the Mysterious Mrs. White brought evidence in--and shared the same evidence with one other--a maid named Yvette. Once their collaboration brought evidence to the police, they were much closer to finding out the true nature of what was going on.

Lieutenant Grey felt it was time to bring in Scarlet.

Scarlet who was clad in a deep red, was tall and slender; with blonde hair and hazel eyes, still proclaimed not only her innocence, but her disdain for being placed in this position. She was confident, defiant and knew that there was more going on than she was letting on.

Yet, the evidence was mounting against her.

Grey left the interrogation, very distraught and frustrated. "There's got to be a way to bring her down. I can tell that she has been orchestrating this from the beginning."

Peacock stood next to him and showed him a stack of paper, "Lieutenant, this just came back from our team, these are text messages we were able to decode... Sir, Scarlet has been at this all along! We have her..."

Grey looked at the evidence then closed his eyes, and massaged the bridge of his nose, "It's evidence, but we have got to get more... before it's too late."
Just then, his cell phone rang, and he answered, "Grey..." He paused and listened to the person on the other end, "You have the tests completed and the remainder? Good--that is great news. I'll be in touch."

Grey then stood up to his full height of nearly 6'4, he then put his badge and his glasses on and took his coat in hand. "Come on, Peacock, we have more evidence to pick up--there has been a break in the case. The Maid has just come in and wants to give us evidence..."

As they headed to the front of the 13th Precinct, they noticed that Yvette was still in her maid's uniform when she arrived. She looked dejected, depressed and understandably uncomfortable as she approached them. Grey and Peacock took her into a room and began to ask more questions. Yvette was extremely cooperative. She turned over her cell phone with the saved text messages and the guest pass she was given by Scarlet to obtain the poison from the Denver Art Museum.

Grey wasn't entirely convinced, "Why would you turn on your employer? Why would you now bring us evidence to implicate her?"

"I never wanted to be a part of all this...let alone the death of Mister Boddy. He may have been an arrogant man, but he was never mean towards me. He was actually kind, really...and he didn't deserve this..." She looked even more distraught than she was, it actually affected her, and she sat back and slouched.

Peacock spoke up as she put her slimline glasses down on the table, "Yvette--conspiracy to commit murder is a felonious offense... Punishable with up to 25 years behind bars..."

"No--I can't go to jail for this... I can't! I didn't want to be a part of this," Yvette cried out in tears. "What can I do to help you?" She became more frantic, "I will do anything to help you! Just tell me what I can do?"

Grey sat up straight in his chair and interlaced his fingers on top of the table and said rather calmly, "Yvette, the offense you are accused of is indeed serious. But since you have turned over your cell phone, with the texts in it, and those proved to be useful, we may be able to help you out at the trial..."

Yvette was only able to muster a whimper through her tears, "Thank you..."

"Well don't thank me yet, we still have to bring in Scarlet..." Peacock then added. Peacock had more than a vested interest in this investigation. She was one of a few that knew Boddy well. She was his best friend...if that was even possible.

Then another officer knocked on the door, "Lieutenant Peacock, you have a phone call..." Peacock left the room as Yvette continued to speak with Grey about how most of this situation developed. This went on for about 15 minutes before Peacock rushed back into the room.

"What is it?" Grey asked.

Peacock brought in a small case and a file folder full of notes. "It appears that Scarlet has been extremely busy..."

Grey looked at the additional information, "Yvette, I want to place you in protective custody until this is over; Peacock--take her down to Marshall and we can get that started..."

Yvette grabbed her things and nodded to Grey, "Thank you so much..." Peacock and Yvette left the room. Grey for his part was reading the file, and looked over every piece of information obtained. One entry stood out more than usual. The packet was over 30 pages thick with pictures included--and it took them forever to gather it all--which is the reason that she wasn't arrested earlier.

Name: Scarlet, Josephine L.
Aliases: Ms. Chartreuse, Ms. Aquamarina, Ms. Ruby Crimson
Charges: 12 counts of fraud, 11 counts of petty theft, 2 counts of grand larceny, 3 counts of grand theft, 1 count of grand theft auto.
NOTES: If encountered, Arrest on Sight.

"This woman has a rap sheet a mile long... She has to be brought down, immediately...." Grey said to himself, as his cell phone rang once more.

"Lieutenant Grey..."

"This is Mrs. White, we have everything we need..." Leigh White said as she was in her car leaving the Main Library. "It's up to you, now... Scarlet stole my priceless she did it, I'll never know, but she did it, and she has to pay for what she's done..."

"That's excellent news, how long?"

"Anytime now, Lieutenant..."
White was on her way to the precinct to meet with Grey. Once she turned a corner she found a parking spot for her car and exited without delay.

Mrs. White was a library trustee--and a very influential person. She wore short curly hair and had a white dress on with a light green top. She headed to the front door and it was at that moment that Grey and a few of his officers gave her an escort into the precinct. It was then that she gave them a full description of what has gone on between her and Scarlet.

White had tried her best to remain anonymous on this and bring Scarlet down quietly, but when this escalated with Boddy's death, she couldn't remain that way any longer. White had to act...and now was the time.

Finally, with everything going on, Scarlet thought that she had this all taken care of... Unfortunately she had a knock on her door about three hours later, "Well, who can that be?"

As she descended her spiral staircase in her lavish uptown home, she wore red with a matching feather boa, and her scarlet tinted glasses, once more. When she reached her double door with the stained glass peering through, she opened it slowly, "Well, I do declare, we must stop meeting like this..."

Although he was trying to stifle a snort, Grey just looked down at her and said, "Ms. Scarlet, I think it's time we have a talk..."

"Well, why? I thought I told you everything you needed to know..." Scarlet said defiantly, with her southern tone coming through.

Grey thought, Got to keep this simple... "New information has been brought into the light about this case. You will need to come downtown with me..."

Scarlet looked around and noticed that with two more cruisers and three officers appearing from them, she knew her options were limited, "Well," she finally said, "I think we can talk, but it'll be a waste of our time... But we can talk..."

The questions still remain, how will all this play out?
  • Will Grey be able to gather enough evidence against Scarlet to finally bring her down or will it end in failure?
  • How will Mrs. White be able to reclaim her painting and bring down Scarlet?
  • Will Yvette's admissions help bring down Scarlet as well?
  • Will Boddy's killer remain at large and if so--who's next?
All will be revealed soon... The amazing conclusion to this story will be posted on the website in a few short days, until then, this reporter has got to get the scoop on all of this before it's too late!